Top 10 Best Electric String Trimmers in 2016 Reviews

Weed whacker is a great helper at home. There are some factors such as precison, power, design, confort grip and others should be considered when you are shoping one. If you are interested to know about the string trimmers, you can find that there are different kind of grid design  in the makert. You will sure to find one that fit you. Here is the top 10 best electric string trimmers in 2015 reveiws:

10. Weed Eater EL 13 TNE

Weed Eater EL 13 TNE

Auto feed mode, 7800 RPM and 4.3 APMs for light tasks, are the specs which you must look at. It comes with tool less start system, edge guard, a straight shaft and one line. If you plan to make use of it in the how where  children might running around, it doesn’t have a safety switch.

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9. Black & Decker GH600

Black & Decker GH600

This model is the one of the most powerful and the quickest in the line because of 9500 RPM and 5 ARM. You can cut from a few angles and move around because it comes with a three head tilt position adjustment function. It comes with a four in swatch cutter, with less work, for going put further. Cord retention is in place.


8. Worx WG112

Worx WG112

An auto feed design, 8800 RPM and 4.5 APM, making for a fast start and fast finish. It makes finishing any task fast with a seven in cutting swath distance. It has two handles, two head postion tilts and two lines for drawing. You can effortlessly stop te blade with built-in cord retention, which avoids getting any closer while you are operating on a task, as well as don’t require to go deeper using th cut.

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7. Sun Joe SB600E

Sun Joe SB600E

It has a sharper blade feed, 4.4 ARM and 7700 RPM, making this model easy to use anywhere. It has 1 draw line, 2 handles, 2 tilt positions and an adjustable pole. In includes cord retention function that the line won’t go out woo far, as well as interfere with your task you are plan to do while cutting the leaves in your yard. Great machine.

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6. Homelite UT41110

This machine has 4 ARM and 900 RPM for quick power and quick speed, It has the auto feed system. It has a tilt head along with 3 position angles. It also has a safety lock. It comes with an adjustable pole that allow you to reach the higher leaves and trees with less trouble. It is easy to store with the cord retention when you don’t need to use it to complete a task. A tool less start.

5. Earth Wise ST0001

9900 RPM, 4.5 ARM for quick power. The drawback is only an auto feed system, one handle and one line. It includes 2 head tilt postions so that you can adjust for doing work over and below head.  It comes in a safety function in place so that the model can shut off automatically. It also comes with an expandable pole.

4. Toro 51358

3.8 ARM, 9900 RPM. it comes with 2 lines, one handle, a safety guard in place. It doesn’t tilt to adjust the angles that you are working from, It comes with a bump line feed. It weights 5 pounds, making it easy to work around a bigger yard with, as well as have your task done fast.

3. Black & Decker GH700

Black & Decker GH700

It is also powerful in my list because of 5.2 ARM and 7800 RPM. It fetures 2 lines, 2 handles and a 3 head tilt, allowing you to customize the angles you are woking from, as well as you can work at some various postions that reach the desired trim. It has edge guard, cord retention and a safety switch in place. It is really good for any lawn anywhere.

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2. Craftsman 2121

This machine is a bit quicker with 9900 RPM and 5 ARM. It has 2 handles, 2 lines and an auto feed design, so it is really easy to use. You can work from some angles with three head tilt position. It is easy to maneuver and work at different angles while you plan to get a job done in your yard.

1. Greenworks Electric Trimmer

Greenworks Electric Trimmer

It has a light auto feed design, 5.5 ARM and 8000 RPM. It offers good speed for trimming. 52 min pole length and 48 max design. It has one line and two handles that allow you to get your multiple job done at one time. 4 year warranty and safety switch, are covering this model.

You must want to find the one with a quick RPM and a powerful motor. You surely need to get one that comes with swath head to cover the more and more distance. As the price vary greatly because of the various features as well as the brand name. You need to take some time to compare a number of model. I hope you can find the right one from this post. Getting the needed power, the desired use. I believe you will get your job done efficiently and in less time with a good trimmer.

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