Top 10 Best Juice Maker Machines in 2016 Reviews

Juice can be considered as an integral part of your kitchen tools to supplement your family’s nutrition. So you must want to find a powerful one which can work with various ingredients. So It is important to find a juice that has the great ability to crush ice well and some other ingredients. Some factors should look at carefully so as not to get a unsatisfied one. Here is top 10 best juice maker machines in 2015 reviews:

10. 67650 Hamilton Beach

67650 Hamilton Beach

This juice is very easy to use, and a food processor that makes it better to pulverize liquids. You can stop it at any time during use with the off/on toggle.

9. Waring JEX328

Waring JEX328

An exterior that effortlessly wipes clean, ceramic casing, durable stainless steel. An on/off switch. You can use a processor to make veggies and fruit of your desired texture, as well as pulverize the feature juices in a matter of minutes.

8. Black & Decker JE2200B

Black & Decker JE2200B

It has just 400 watts. With this powerful juice, it also comes with all essential functions. it is a steal. It has an area to pulverize veggies and fruit. To avoid burning out your motor, you must juice them in smaller quantities.

7. Breville BJE200XL

Breville BJE200XL

It is a pricier juice. There is no denying that it is versatile. It surely make any amount of juice just in a few seconds and it has compact stainless steel size. Veggies and fruit are effortlessly assimilated into your model. Producing juicing a breeze in a crunch.

6. Champion G5-Pg 710

Champion G5-Pg 710

It is a compact model with durable and solid parts, It can make juice in a few seconds and it is really efficient. A larger and heavier size, 1/3 HP motor, making it a big for some counters, in case you intend on leaving it sitting out thoughout the day. It can make juice for perfect consistency very well.

5. Hurricane manual wheatgrass juicer

Hurricane manual wheatgrass juicer

This si an hand cranked model that can be considered for smaller tasks. It is quite cheaper. it is easy to add liquid that can help the cranking process while producing the juice.

4. Jack Lalanne PJP

Jack Lalanne PJP

It has a durable solid stainless steel blade that can cut through almost everything you put in. It has a quite powerful 3600 RPM motor. You can use the filter to go through everything easily in a short time. The veggie, fruit and any other ingredients can go through you little strain holes of filter which you are producing the juice blends with. That’s great.

3. Omega J8005

Omega J8005

This juice is really not as powerful as other juice that has a more powerful and larger motor. However, it also can make veggies and fruit. 80 RPM, for smaller jobs and leafy greens. It do work in short period of time.

2. Breville 800JEXL

Breville 800JEXL

This is a powerful and precision machine. it is not going to be any problem while working in your home. Honestly, this model is pricier but it producing any liquid jucie easily. The stainless steel design, slim. It has a decent looking.

1. Omega 8006 Plus

Omega 8006 Plus

This model comes with a wheatgrass attachment that can pump out the green jucie in short period of time. It is powerful. It can break down any things with the food processor. It is work faster and can place more and more in the blender. You can use more veggies and fruits while making any juice but don’t need to plug it up.

I hope you can find the one that meet your need. The juice above can be considered as the one for home use.

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