Top 10 Best Sewing Machines in 2016 Reviews

It needs a lot of sewing machines to answer the demand in the world. If you are fond of sewing machine and decide to buy one. You should look at many factors, including size, design, desired use, features and what kind of task you will do using the sewing machine. In order to help you make the right decision, here is the top 10 best sewing machines in 2015 reviews:

10. Singer 9960

Singer 9960

This is a good pick for ones that have mastered some things or even a beginner, It can be used to do a lot with a rate of 850 stitches a min and 600 programmed stitches. It is easy to set the design and the desired stitch mode with a back lit LCD screen while you are stitching.

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9. Singer 7258

Singer 7258

This model offers tips and instructions to help you study some unique design features and  the basics when sewing. A quick start mode, DVD tutorial let you get underway, regardless if you are a beginner. It features a rate of 750 stitches a min and 76 decorative stitch patterns.

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8. Pfaff Performance 5.0

Large LCD screen, over 300 programmed stitches. Creating your own stitch patterns. It also offer some distinct features. It has a sensor that allow you to see once the model is ready to stitch.

7. Michley SS602

Michley SS602

You can use it to craft a number of distinct design patterns. It is affordable to get underway. It includes a accessory pack and a needle. It is easy to design with a LED light.

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6. Janome 8077


It has a LED light and 30 programmed stitches. It has an external cord that provides you more movement, in order to sew in any conditions, as well as to make sure that you don’t stop the work.

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5. Husgvarna Viking

Husgvarna Viking

Over 1200 programmed stitches, Touch pattern, a large LCD screen . It has a LED light that gives you guidance to make you stay on track, as well as don’t sway while you are working on any pattern. Furthermore, It comes with 29 adjustable needle patterns that make you eay to operater on any material, as well as from any direction on your machine.


4. Brother Project Runway

Brother Project Runway

It has a wide table, reference guide, 70 programmed stitches and well rounded tools. It also has a button hole device, so you can make clothing and garments. You can make the excellent pattern and adjust the pressure when working at home.

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3. Brother PC 420

Brother PC 420

It has just two programmed patterns, however it enales you to save many patterns and stitch work you do frequently. You can operater for a future project. It has a tension gear and an adjustable speed control, which enables you to figure out how fast, as well as how deep to stitch. You can get the excellent design no matter the materials you are operating on.


2. Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

If you are a beginner to stitching, this machine has some features and guides you might like. It has a rate of 850 stitches a minute, 60 cunstom stitches and a programmed model that allow you to work easily. It also has a instruction, accessories, LCD screen and step by step guide.

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1. Bernina 880

Bernina 880

It has a large LED screen which makes you to custom in stall some stitch job easily. It has over 1700 stitches. A high resolution model and a color display on screen. You can use it on any fabric. It has a rate of 1100 stitches a minute. You can make any unique design patter. It is very great.

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