Top 10 Foods With High Protein

What are the three necessities they are clothing, food and shelter, especially foods rich in protein, as fish, yogurt, tofu, cheese, eggs etc, are recommended for people. They always be a part of the diet as they are able to cover all kinds of essential nutrients that are required for you body. Food is an important part of our lives and it is important to find balance on your plate as well as in your daily life. Carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and proteins are needed in proper amounts that ensure your health. Protein should be a part of meals and snacks. Compromising or neglecting with any of them will cause some health issues that make you weak. Including different  foods in your diet for containing the requirements of your body which  are responsible for stay healthy for you. I am sure you are interested to know what are the protein rich foods. Such food on my list may benefit you in your lives to keep healthy.

High Protein Food

High Protein Food

1. Fish

Lots of people love the food so much, especially the fish dishes, because it is an vital  protein source for you body thus non-vegetarian can get a lot of energy without doubt by eating fish. Fish is inexpensive, easy to cook and very digestible. On an average 26 grams of proteins are contained in 100 grams of fish. So you can fulfill your body’s protein requirement by eating on a regular basis. Frozen fish is also a very healthy convenience food. There are a variety of fish haveing different protein content in it.

2. Salmon

Salmon forms to be a perfectly complete food that includes a lot of essential nutrients for our body. It is also rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins and tastes truly great. On an average three ounce of salmon usually come with 22 grams of proteins that is really great in health.

3. Yogurt

We usually eat bread, meat , yogurt for breakfast as it is rich in proteins like other dairy products. Kids also like eating yogurt. On an average non fat yogurt have about 13 grams of protein but this amount should vary based upon your yogurt variety which you have. It also tastes good.

4. Tofu

Soja and tofu, perhaps be the 5th big invention of china. It is really a good ingredient which is used to make soups. Tofu: Soft, Bland food product made from soybeans. You can also add tofu in soup then see how the soup taste changes. It is full of great proteins and other great nutritional value. You must like it. With each half cup tofu, surely you will get around ten grams proteins. For thousands of years, it has developed a unique Tofu culture in china. Tofu can be used in salads and soups to increase your amount of nutrition in your different items.

5. Cheese

Cheese can be sprinkled on vegetable or egg dishes, and it also includes high proteins content, On an average 100 grams cheese have about 32 grams protein that also is really great. Adding some cheese to the various recipes prepared in the kitchen that can increase the proteins in your diet and make the food taste better

6. Eggs

Egg is also rich in protein and really taste good. On an average one egg have around 13 grams protein that stay healthy and strong for your body. Egg, oil fish, milk all contain vitamin D that is ideal for your breakfast.

7. Chicken

Chicken contain a high content of proteins that will leat to excessive fat for you, so the processed chicken is perhaps your better choice that come with less calories but also taste good. You may obtain around 40 grams proteins if you consume 1-cup chicken. If you get chicken you can add uniqueness to each recipe so it can be prepared in various styles.

8. Beans

Beans also is in the protein rich list, and they are surely nutritious that prove beneficial to stay healthy. In the market they are include naked beans, chick peas, kidney beans. They also taste really good but the cooking process is different, however they all have a huge amount of proteins that is great for your family.

9. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower oil can usually be used for cooking as it is rich in proteins, which keep your family away from various kinds of health problems. On an average 100 grams sunflower seeds contain 21 grams protein.

10. Fruits

The bigger is a watermelon, the sweeter is it. Watermelon also contains plenty of proteins and taste good that is liked by every body as the most common fruits.

Try to include the above items in day-to-day meals that stay healthy for you. Keep in mind that it is really necessary to have just a fixed quantity each day..

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