Top 10 Green Tea Health Benefits

Chinese green tea is always a favorite with lots of customers as the perfect natural benefits of the green tea are really amazing. Green tea not only has attractive fragrance and strong mellow taste but also can help in preventing heart disease and lost your weight, and even heal warts. Swishing grean tea around your mouth may inhibit cavity that causing bacteria. There are a lot of people that like drinking green tea since there are 10 benefits for the body and mind. It has a ready market in the world for chinese green tea, and they have soothing taste that the majority of people like drinking them, it gets a inducing sleep after sipping right them, because turns out that green tea speeds up your body’s calorie – burning process. So you will feeling refreshed when waking up in the morning. There are top 10 benefits on my list that make you realise how important they are.


1. Prevent Cancer

Green tea can prevent growth of some cancer cells, especially for esophageal, stomach, lung cancers as they include EGSS that called epigallocatechin-3-gallete.

2. Maintains Cholesterol

The bad cholesterol also known as LDL can be lowered by drinking green tea. However it can raise the HDL cholesterol that this is good cholesterol. It means that you will not be a bad target of a terrible heart attack in life later.

3. Protect your Immune System

The immune system is our main defence against disease. Green tea can be used to strengthen the immune system since it can increase amount of T-cells. You can improve the immune system and overcome colds and certain viruses by consuming green tea.

4. Prevents Heart Disease

In order to prevent the heart disease, it hepls to sip on a cup of green tea often since it contains lots of antioxidants that can improve flexibility within the blood vessels. It is a great function that you are at less disease risk for your blood clotting.

5. Effective to lost Weight

According to a recent research, those  who consuming some green tea lost the more weight than those who did not. It can burn your calories fast as the green tean can boost the metabolism of the body naturally.

6. Prevents Atherosclerosis

Although you ever can’t see the green tea manufacturers put up labels  to claim it can lower getting the atherosclerosis disease. But it actually works

7. Prevents liver disease

It can protect liver from toxic substances within bad alcohol and also prevent your liver tumors as well. Grean tea reduces the chances of liver issues, especially for those who drink 8-cup green tea at least each day.

8. Heals Viral Hepatitis

Drinking a number of green tea every day will help in overcoming viral hepatitis because of the catechin within green tea.

9. Helps Genital Warts

Genital warts are painful but you will not be as uncomfortable as before if you drink green tea, since it can lower the inflammation effectively.

10. Prevents Arthritis

Green tea includes epigallocatechin gallate and ECG called epicatechin gallate that prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis. It will be able to delay your Rheumatoid Arthritis for cetain time even if unfortunately you are still painful developing Arthritis.

Dring green tea makes your heathier and less disease that keep your works more motivated and have a good time every day.

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