Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Boring things happen in Iife you know. Do you feel a little insecure about your beautiful body due to stretch marks? Don’t worry about it, if you are unfortunate enough to get the stretch marks, you need to carefully treat them as soon as they begin to show up, this is the best time to treat them. Indeed, conscientious researchers have discovered that if strech marks are now on the early stages, the stretch marks tend to quickly respond to treat. during initial stage of stretch marks, you must be notice that the stretch marks still are reddish or purple in color. You nned to take this problem seriously during this period. It will be much more challenging for get rid of the stretch marks when they turn white or silver with deep indentations. Without treatment you may lost the opportunity forever.



Fortunately, In the market there are some kinds of techniques and cream that can help you to minimize or even completely eliminate the stretch marks. Well, keep reading my article as long as you want to.

1. Cocoa Butter

One of the most effective and safest ways of getting rid of your stretch marks is just by applying some cocoa butter about twice a day on your affected areas – In the morning and during bedtime. You don’t think it would be that easy, do you? of course, no. Aside from applying plain cocoa butter, you could think about mixing it using other ingredients to hasten the effects of treatment on your skin effectively. For instance, you could combine two teaspoon of beeswax(grated), one teaspoon of apricot kernel oil and vitamin, one-half cup of cocoa butter, a tablespoon of wheat germ oil. you must to heat the mixture till the beeswax has been melted. The mixture can be stored in a sealed container then put it in your refregerator to retain the freshness. Freshness is very important. By using the mixture thrice or twice a day for few days, your skin will become hydrated and smoother that can help you to diminish the stretch marks.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera: This is well known herb among the people for its versatile qualities. This product has long been discovered to be ture effective for treating your skin problems including stretch marks and dry skin due to herb’s healing and moisturizing properties. It has some great features. You might ask, “how to use it?” The best means to use your aloe vera is directly rubbing your aloe vera on your affected area at least five 5 mins. Next, rinse off the gel using luckwarm water, you will feel very comfortable thanks to aloe vera. For much better results, you could

come up with a good mixture which includes 5 capsules of vitamin A, oil extracted from five capsules of vitamin A and  ten capsules of vitamin E, ¼ cup of aloe gel. Thoroughly mix these nice ingredients then applying your mixture on the skin then rinse off after five mins.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil has long been used in healing discolored skin, age spots, fine lines, moles and wrinkles for years. I think you must be tired of seeing your bad stretch marks, the best way to  use castor oil is by rubbing the castor oil on the skin then gently massage it with your fingertips. After 15 minutes of massaging.the skin, wrap the portion using cloth and use hot water bottle heating pad to heat on the portion just for about half an hour.

4. Alfalfa


I don’t know if you know it before, if you don’t understand it, I think you will realize the effect from the moment you use it. Now, start reading this passage.

Alfalfa is a source of chlorophyll and the alfalfa leaves actually are rich in vitamin E and K, protein and amino acids that improve the elasticity of your skin and appearance effectively. Furthermore, it contains a perfect antifungal property, which can heal scars such as stretch marks. You may come up with a mixture that just combine many Alfalfa powder with a little drops of chamomile oil, which can reduce your stretch marks. Next, rub the Alfalfa-chamomile solution on the skin thrice a day gently, after holding out much longer, you will start noticing some significant improvements.

5. Glycolic Acid

This kind of Alpha-Hydroxy or AHA works on minimizing the stretch marks effectively with simulating collagen production. It is nice to treat it. Dermatologists can administer the Glycolic Acid for better and quicker results, but your treatment cost will be rather expensive as one session will cost about your more buck. In some cases, dermatologist require the patiens under go 3 sessions at least before positive effects will appear.

6. Tretinoin Cream

This is a nice production. Somewoman who are no longer breastfeeding will be prescribed to apply tretinoin cream onto your affected area by their dermatologist during bedtime. You ought to obey the dermatologist, since according to studies, stretch marks can be minimized with at least 0.1% tretinoin cream in as little as 4 tp 6 weeks. But that all depend on the specific circumstances such as the severity and depth of your stretch marks.

7. Exfoliation

The process of getting rid of a few layers of dead skin or exfoliation can minimize your appearance of the stretch marks. Manual exfoliation with particular ingredients may be work effectively for the newer stretch marks. Among the essential ingredients have oatmeal, baking soda or other commercially packaged products, which can gently exfoliate your dead skin.

8. Chemical Peels

Acid can remove the top portion of the skin, and it can deeply penetrate into the skin to treat the stretch marks effectively, however these types of ingredients perhaps cause some mild discomfort. because phenol peels could cause scarring or infections, so don’t use them carelessly, it is advisable to consult a qualified skin doctor for performing the procedure.

9. Microdermabrasion

There is a intensive means of getting rid of stretch marks of your skin that called microdermabrasion. The treatment option involves the usage of a unit, which shoots rough and small particles into the skin to remove the top layers. Although the procedure may cause the scarring, but your stretch marks will eventually diminish while new skik starts to show up.

10. Laser Therapy

Another effective, invasive but quite expensive option to lighten and get rid of stretch marks is laser therapy. I don’t think it is a good option for you. Surgeons will use a variety of kinds of laser depending on the marks color and severity.

Bottom Line

Most of woman who feel self-conscious due to the stretch marks become uncomfortable and insecure about their entire appearance. But, Getting stretch marks is very normal for women who have lost weight or have given birth. If you need to improve the elasticity and appearance of your skin, you can search products or techniques to improve your skin without making further concerns about skin. By using my top 10 means to remove stretch marks, you will be surprised about the significant improvement of your skin, so that you will feel more confident and more competent about your beautiful body.